How is Your Continuous Delivery?

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    “The way to change culture is not to first change how people think, but instead to start by changing how people behave - what they do.”
    - John Shook

Experience Quality

Does your continuous integration require an intense transformation of culture and processes?

Stackctrl develops and deploys continuous integration solutions and strategic coaching to help enable the team to implement continuous delivery as the foundation to their software delivery and operations practices.

Continuous Delivery Services

Are you frustrated with your continuous integration existing in a vacuum? Do you need strategic collaboration between the business and the technology so they can work in harmony with one another?

Deployment Automation

Do you need to automate deployment processes, enable the business to develop faster, reduce human errors causing deployment incidents and eliminate the pain associated with deployments?

Test Automation

Is manual testing time-consuming and a huge bottleneck? Do you need a cultural shift among developers, changes in application architecture to make it easier to create and maintain tests? 

Infrastructure as Code

Do you need infrastructure provisioning automation and version control to reduce rework, incidents caused by configuration drift, and software delivery and operational performance?

Architecture Consulting

Does your application architecture lack support? Do you need help defining architecture guidelines and principles along with the refactoring to seeing value with every development iteration? 

Proactive Monitoring

Do you have real-time technical metrics to resolve incidents before they impact your customers? Do you have the business metrics to enable strategic decision-making?


Do you need support getting the whole company to embrace a seismic shift in IT culture and make the switch to DevOps, and in achieving success with DevOps tools and principles?

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We enable continuous delivery culture by breaking down silos, abandoning traditional roles, and facilitating teams & individuals to work together efficiently.