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Stackctrl takes a strategic relationship approach to DevOps & Cloud solutions.

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Committed to providing strategic fully-managed DevOps & Cloud services, Stackctrl is a privately held company having offices in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our company vision is to become the strategic goto partner for a wide range of DevOps managed services for modern organizations, and positively influence the way the world sees the DevOps community by unlocking innovation and providing thought leadership.

We believe in the possibilities provided by developing cloud computing solutions and DevOps combined with a solid collaborative approach. Cloud is extremely powerful. But to get the most benefit out of it, you need to fully understand each step involved, like architecture, cloud migration, security, operations, and optimization. If your valuable resources are distracted by the day-to-day of managing cloud, odds are they aren’t focused on higher-value ventures that drive business growth.

Strong Points

  • A novel position in the DevOps & Cloud market. Interoperability, knowledge, and experience are the keywords for providing managed DevOps and Cloud computing solutions.

  • Excellence in software development, and DevOps
  • The most valuable: Passion, it's the essential ingredient in how we build relationships

Meet Our Team

Our team’s goal is to tackle the modern challenges that DevOps and Cloud bring in today’s tech world for organizations. We work with our customers to address their DevOps support needs one by one with cutting-edge tools, processes, innovation, and passion, in order to reduce cost and complexity.

Rein Remmel
Founder & CEO
Jurgen Kasper
Sales & Business Development
Tarmo Trumm
Cloud Architect
Martin Vool
Cloud Architect
Indrek Hallik
Cloud Architect
Kaspar Liblik
Cloud Architect
Marii Anet Vasar
Cloud Server Princess
Mikk Tarvas
Software Architect
Raul Kippar
Senior Software Engineer
Andres Soolep
Senior Software Engineer
Ott Bergström
Junior Software Engineer

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