We Build Powerful DevOps Solutions For Better Products

We help your organization dramatically improve your software delivery and operations by empowering your team to provide quality information technology services to your end users.

Our unique methodology for software delivery and operations provides high-impact information technology services.

Time to Market, Throughput, Risk, and Resiliency is complex as it is critical. Managing your cloud investment along with your software delivery and operations, environment, and tools for your investment requires expertise and a whole lot of time.


The ability to roll out improved business capabilities continuously has become essential in today's digital world.

Deployment Frequency

Reduce time to market through streamlined software delivery.

Lead time for changes

Increase team productivity and deliver new functionality faster.

Time to restore service

Early identification of quality concerns, to reduce defects in the lifecycle.

Change failure rate

Operational state is more stable and secure and changes are systematic.

Our Services

Architecture, Planning & Roadmap

We help organizations strategically plan & architect reliably IT products using modern DevOps and cloud best practices, while reducing time to market and developing a predictable roadmap of success.

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DevOps Staff Augmentation

One of the most significant hurdles when building out a DevOps team is finding experienced talent. Stackctrl DevOps engineers are among the best, and ready to join your team and contribute.

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Cloud Migration

We can help your team take you to the next level with a fully-managed migration to cloud, delivering you a cost-effective integrated cloud service for modern workloads.

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Managed Cloud Services

Let our Stackctrl certified experts help you tap into the power of the cloud, without the complexity and cost of deploying, managing and supporting it all on your own.

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Automation & Tools Selection

Automating the deployment process makes companies more efficient and agile while reducing overall production time and the associated risk.

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Code Inspection & Integration

Clean code is the foundation of continuous integration. Our DevOps engineers can work with your team to help test and improve code, verify artifacts for deployment, and ensure quality.

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About Stackctrl

Stackctrl is a privately held company committed to managed cloud services, and modern cloud solutions, with offices located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our vision is to improve your cloud service quality through DevOps and strategic team support. We understand product life cycle, including software development. We have a deep understanding of the processes, roles, and technologies involved and available. Our focus is to respond quickly and taking leadership in problem investigation and resolution, proposing improvement opportunities and recommending technology and process best practices that are fit for their purpose.

This allows us to complement existing teams with operations related know how experiences, understand customer challenges then propose and automate solutions that meet their requirements. Stackctrl customers appreciate, that we understand where the industry is moving and we are constantly investing in new technologies and tools to enable them at the pace of business.

We will complement your team and help them deliver new features faster while reducing the risk and increasing reliability.

We believe technology should empower value creation. It should not be the barrier that is holding organisations back from innovation and creating meaningful value to their customers.

You bring the code – We create the tools to manage, deploy and collaborate more efficiently!